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     Turn the Spy Phone into a Room Bug   

     Remote Video and Photo Capture   

     Listen to Surroundings LIVE   

     Record Background Audio Discreetly   


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  Read Chats and Instant Messages

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  Listen to actual voice calls

  Track location and movement

  Access phone and user data



What are spy phones and how do they work?

What is a spy phone?

Its a regular phone. Kind of. A spy phone is a normal cell phone that we've loaded spy software onto. It allows you to monitor the communications, location, movements and activities of the person using it.

Because a spy phone looks and operates like a regular cell phone and because the spy software is completely undetectable, the person using the spy phone will have no idea that they are being monitored - even if the phone is examined by a cell phone technician.

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What do I do with the spy phone?

Simple. Give it to the person you want to monitor (obviously without telling them you're giving them a spy phone) and you'll be able to monitor them remotely without them knowing.

Spy phones can be preconfigured (that is, set up completely before being shipped to you) so that you can literally open the box and give the spy phone directly to the person you want to monitor without having to do anything at all. The spy phone will begin monitoring everything the moment it gets used. It doesn't matter what SIM card is used (or how many different SIM cards are used) - the spy phone will work on any network, with any service provider and almost anywhere in the world.

How do I monitor the spy phone?

Easy. You can use any computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, dumb phone, even a smart TV or fridge - as long as the device has internet access and a web browser. You can be anywhere in the world and still monitor the spy phone as if it were in front of you.

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Can I trust SpyMobile?

Yes. Promise. Pinky swear. But seriously, yes, you can trust SpyMobile. We're part of Intertel, a company that has been going for 21 years and has not only introduced some world firsts but has managed to maintain a near-spotless reputation in all those years.

Take a look at Intertel's trust ratings by these leading trust experts:

Check out these independently verified review by Intertel's clients:

To read up on some of the technology that Intertel has pioneered over the years, take a look at call unmasking, Laptop Security, Cellphone Tracking, Computer Monitoring and Cellphone Monitoring.


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Spy phone capabilities, spy features and monitoring functions

Spy Features

Covers all the types of data and activities captured on the spy phone, e.g. calls, SMS, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, web browser, GPS, etc.

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Bugging Functions

Very useful remote surveillance functions e.g. remotely activate the mic and record surrounding audio or remotely capture discreet photos or video.

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Cloud Resources

We provide various resources and tools that enable you to manage and effectively use your data, control the spy phone, set alerts and notifications, etc.

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Bonus Stuff

Many value added services and facilities are bundled with a spy phone, including handset warranty, price matching, guarantee, support, updates and more.

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  • Jozef Karpinski

    Their support is outstanding and their product is awesome - well worth paying slightly extra for.

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  • Lukas Pietersen

    Outstanding service... I'm a very happy customer and i'll definitely be a return customer the way I feel now.

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  • Neale Downes

    It seems to be working fine and I am really excited to use the spy phone properly. You have a great product.

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  • Doris Proest

    Very happy with my purchase...... I've been telling all my friends about it. Just wonderful. Thank you.

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  • Greg Saunders

    I'm a regular customer, and I wouldn't be if I wasn't happy...I'm always recommending them to people.

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  • Samuel Mokoena

    Thank you for the wonderful service and a most useful product. I will be back in future, you can count on it.

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  • Desmond Holloway

    ...they have many satisfied customers and they say the same thing: excellent service, excellent service.

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  • Bill Weston

    The product works as advertised and overall i'm very happy with my decision to buy from Intertel.

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